Rise of the White Dragon Novel

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Rise of the White Dragon Novel Summary

On May 28, 2010, the world was forever changed by the third awakening. Suddenly, smaller worlds connected with the main world and beings of different races appeared, each with their own unique powers. The world was thrown into chaos as people tried to understand and control these newfound abilities.

But amidst all the confusion, towering structures began to appear all over the world. These towers held unimaginable power, and those who were already gifted with abilities could upgrade and become even stronger. Even those without powers could gain them through rigorous tests within the towers.

As expected, conflicts erupted across the globe as everyone scrambled to claim these towers for themselves. And at the heart of it, all was Luan Dimas, a man who had lived for a thousand years and had amassed an arsenal of techniques. He was transported back four months before the awakening, and now had the chance to correct his past mistakes.

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Luan knew that he couldn’t let this opportunity slip away. He had to make the most of this new chance and take control of the towers before anyone else could. But with so many others vying for power, the competition would be fierce, and the battles even more brutal.

With his knowledge and skill, Luan would have to fight his way through the chaos and overcome any obstacles in his path. The fate of the world hung in the balance, and Luan was determined to come out on top, no matter what it took.

Rise of the White Dragon Novel
Rise of the White Dragon Novel

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