Rivals Of Rings Novel

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Rivals Of Rings Novel Summary

Felsen, a 21 Year-old boy belonged to a middle-class family. A college boy wakes up in the morning, attends classes, and then came back.

A normal middle-class boy living a normal life but… something that was not normal with him was his dreaming of a dream again and again that muddle him…

He sees that he has superpowers and is a combatant in a big fight against people who are more potent than him.

Being grown up in a middle-class family and living simply, it was something weird for him to dream those kinds of dreams again n again.

*Who were those people with whom he was fighting?

*Why did he dream of the same dream often?

*Who was Felsen?!!

* Was he only a normal boy or….?!!!

Rivals Of Rings Novel
Rivals Of Rings Novel

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