Ruined her innocence Novel by Bosy Elselhdar

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Ruined her innocence Novel Summary.

“Please, release me,” she pleaded through tear-filled eyes, her voice trembling with desperation.

Struggling to catch her breath, she found herself trapped in his forceful and uninvited embrace. Ignoring her cries and pleas, he remained indifferent to her suffering.

Driven by the overwhelming grip of alcohol-fueled jealousy, he acted without full awareness of his actions, though he knew the cruel intent behind them.

With all her strength, she tried to push him away, desperately attempting to gain an inch of freedom. But his weight held her down,

pinning her to the bed, his voice dripping with menace as he uttered, “No, I want you now.” In a heart-wrenching act of violation, he brutally took her innocence, devoid of any remorse, before finally letting her go.

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She was his younger brother’s fiancĂ©e, and this horrifying encounter was merely the beginning of his revenge.

In a matter of seconds, a once innocent girl was forced to confront the harsh reality of the world, but rest assured, justice will be served.

Ruined her innocence Novel by Bosy Elselhdar
Ruined her innocence Novel by Bosy Elselhdar

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