Ruler of Iron and Flesh by Cythraul

Ruler of Iron and Flesh by Cythraul is an epic military and war novel that follows the journey of Inian and his son Alaric, as they navigate a world full of giant monsters and warring nations. 

Summary of Ruler of Iron and Flesh

When Inian’s friend Marc decides to join, Inian is compelled to do the same. Inian must discover his place in the world as they engage in dangerous combat together. During the course of the narrative, Inian is told by an enigmatic voice that he is destined to rule with great power. He must choose whether to use this ability to safeguard his family and uphold peace or to end the world.

The book has 185 chapters and is full of complex characters, thrilling action sequences, and political intrigue.

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Ruler of Iron and Flesh by Cythraul
Ruler of Iron and Flesh by Cythraul

Fans of military fiction, fantasy, and epic adventure will enjoy Ruler of Iron and Flesh’s exciting and captivating writing style. The author’s vivid and descriptive writing style creates a thorough picture of the world and its inhabitants. This book is definitely worth reading if you want an engaging and exciting read.

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