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Run Away Love Novel Summary

Rhoda Schurz is considered snobbish and egoistic while having a reputation for being gorgeous and intelligent, which are seen as her main assets in achieving her goals.

She wanted to become a doctor when she moved to the city, but she frequently received calls to take part in Charismatic renewal, leading her to become a born-again Christian missionary in China.

Rudolf Wagner, a guy of great courage and strength with the power to get what he wanted despite all odds, was serving as the chief commandant officer of the United States Military on a peacekeeping mission. He never quits or gives up in any attempts or conflicts.

Tragic circumstances occurred while he was on duty, resulting in broken backbones, forcing him to withdraw from the military and enter private life despite his obligation to defend nations from terrorists and invaders.

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Rhoda recently returned from a training course for missionaries in China. Her best friend Emmy and Rudolf became involved in a love triangle after Rudolf unexpectedly entered her life. Rhoda constructed a solid barrier against Rudolf’s proposal of love and marriage because of her goals in life. Rudolf persisted in his efforts until God showed up in Rhoda’s dream in the person of Jesus Christ, who not only made the promises of love, friendship, and commitment found in marriage but also took part in God’s plan for human reproduction and salvation.

Despite her parent’s objections, Rhoda married Rudolf, and their union gave birth to her first child. As a result of the betrayal in her marriage, Rhoda encounters several challenges. Until Rudolf realizes his failures and is transformed by faith in Jesus Christ leading his collaboration with Rhoda in carrying out Jesus Christ’s great commission.

Marriage life presented a variety of conflicts that struck their inborn flaws giving ways to cultivate inner skills, abilities, gifts, and talents that develop an amazing breakthrough to face and accept all through the grace of faith in God.

Run Away Love Novel
Run Away Love Novel

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