S.I.N.K or Swim Novel

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S.I.N.K or Swim Novel Summary

Carefree and snarky weapon nerd Miles McHaley is sent by his parents to Hexicon City, a city of science and technological advancement, a premier destination for those looking to research and take their education to a higher level, to force him to make something of his life.

Through a contrived series of events, he comes across the mysterious Quantum Backpack, chock-full of some of the coolest weapons Miles has ever seen.

When Miles decides to keep it, however, he is quickly subdued by Satori Yakuzawa and Hunter Rhames, agents of Safeguard Initiating Neutralization of Knowledge, or S.I.N.K, an independent intelligence agency dedicated to secretly protecting Hexicon City.

But when Miles jumps in without hesitation to help Satori and Hunter during an attack, they decide to welcome him into their team and the organization.

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The 3 of them are constantly set on crazy adventures throughout both the magical and scientific realms of the SINKverse, but sooner or later, it might be all up to them when Hexicon City’s darkest secret finally comes to light.

S.I.N.K or Swim Novel
S.I.N.K or Swim Novel

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