Saga of The Night God by J_a_zzy

Because of his lucrative position at a multinational corporation, the individual shouting at the god Erwin Tynan is a wealthy corporate slave. He was awaiting his ride after just finishing a dinner meeting with his fellow slaves.

Saga of The Night God by J_a_zzy
Saga of The Night God by J_a_zzy

He pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and murmured, “What a wonderful night,” as he stood beneath the lamppost and took in the cold night. “It will become more beautiful if I have someone as gorgeous as this night in my arms,” she said with a sigh.

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After saying this, he looked in his pocket for a lighter but was unsuccessful. While Erwin was looking through his pockets, a hooded figure suddenly came and snatched a lighter from his jacket.

Erwin was startled to see the man suddenly come up to him and said, “Thanksanks man,” after spotting the lighter in the person’s palm.

in order to light his cigarette, and leaned forward. He puffs on his cigarette and tries to catch a glimpse of a face. He was shocked when he saw the face. mostly because underneath. It was a stunning young lady. Her lips were stained with blood, and her skin was as white as snow. Her hair was as black as the night, and her eyes were a brilliant crimson. They accentuated her beauty further and her look was as frigid as ice.

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But something wasn’t right since Erwin’s shocked expression had become somber. He had a stomach wound that was unquestionably caused by the knife in a woman’s hand.

After bitterly asking “Why,” he collapsed.

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