Savage Playground Novel by ColinJDev

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Savage Playground Novel Summary.

Thailand is a beautiful country, and there are some beautiful people. But not all. This tale follows the lives of two ‘savage’ children, and savage is not the correct term.

Innocent killers are more accurate. They have skills and abilities not expected in kids so young. No doctor could predict the outcome of their odd entrances to the world.

They have the same father and different mothers. The father wanted exceptional offspring. Did he get his wish? He didn’t live long enough to find out. They are different.

When they find themselves alone, they are cared for by a woman with a doubtful history in a French circus.

Could she be that old? An English couple is supposed to be enjoying a second honeymoon, but folk around them lose body parts. Where are the children?

Savage Playground Novel by ColinJDev
Savage Playground Novel by ColinJDev

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