Seducing The Billionaire Boss Novel by Joy Apens

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Seducing The Billionaire Boss Novel Summary.

Warning: Mature Content Innocent, beautiful but heartbroken Celine Fayet is out for revenge.

Unable to find peace until her parent’s death is avenged, she chooses one wickedly enticing option to get the money she so desperately needs; marry Damien Culhane, sexy multi-billionaire.

Except that Damien, drop dead gorgeous with his panty dropping smile, has no plans of getting married. Content with his playboy ways, he cruises among the elites,

leaving a trail of aching hearts wherever he goes. Until he meets stunning Celine who makes him want to have a rethink. In a clash of stunning attraction,

these two begin to play wicked sensual games and even as Celine knows that the deal between them is businesslike, she finds herself falling head over heels for Damien.

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But when she discovers a deadly secret, something that makes her choose between vengeance and Damien,

devastated Celine is stuck between her head and her heart. Who should her loyalty lie with? Damien? Or her dead parents? A thrilling tale of love, lust and revenge.

Seducing The Billionaire Boss Novel by Joy Apens
Seducing The Billionaire Boss Novel by Joy Apens

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