Seven Mates Novel by Elena Titania

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Seven Mates Novel Summary.

Rudina is from a prestigious family, her parents are Alphas of the clan who values their reputation more than their children. Rudina was downgraded, bullied, maltreated and mistaken for an Omega all her life because of her powers.

Her parents were fed up and threw her out of the house, her boyfriend cheated on her with her sister, which broke and devastated her. Rudina struggled so hard to survive, discovering her identity as an hybrid, she kept a low profile and lived among humans, hoping not to ever find her mate.

She hates them so much, it makes her blood boil. To her horror, she finds out about her mate, the most brutal monsters on earth. SEVEN of them filled with lusts, forbidden desires and they all want her in their bed.

Seven Mates Novel by Elena Titania
Seven Mates Novel by Elena Titania

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