Sex System In Highschool Novel

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Sex System In Highschool Novel Summary

Mark was a college student who was in love with his childhood friend, Mai. One day, he decided that he would confess his love to his childhood friend Mai but was brutally rejected.

Dejected by the rejection, he went into a trance for a moment, but that moment was all it took for him to be crushed by a speeding truck-kun that came uninvited and crashed into him, sending him straight to the afterlife.

But that wasn’t the end of his pitiful life as he met an omnipotent hentai goddess who made him her fiancée, and then she reincarnated him into the DxD World, the infamous erotic world with no logic, something that’s only used as fap material by people.

Sex System In Highschool Novel
Sex System In Highschool Novel

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