Shackled To Nikolai’s Heart Novel by Jericho Chase

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Shackled To Nikolai’s Heart by Jericho Chase.

Shackled To Nikolai’s Heart Novel Summary.

Hazel’s family held a hidden treasure— with the power to reshape the world. The knowledge of this secret led to their demise at the hands of Nikolai, a remorseful killer.

But fate brought Hazel and Nikolai together again, as master and servant. Hazel was on a quest for vengeance while Nikolai longs for death and redemption from his dark past.

But when her father’s shocking involvement in their family’s death was revealed, Hazel was faced with a different zeal.

A zeal to save Nikolai from himself. With rival mafias closing in and a dangerous alliance forming, Hazel and Nikolai had the entire world against them.

Shackled To Nikolai's Heart Novel by Jericho Chase
Shackled To Nikolai’s Heart Novel by Jericho Chase

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