Shadow of the Abyss Novel

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Shadow of the Abyss Novel Summary

The Old Gods are gone. Lost and Forgotten, their honor shattered and their kingdoms broken by treachery.

The Peace of the Myriad Heavens has been severed. And from the ashes of war and chaos, the Twin Towers of Babel have been created as a beacon of hope.

Can Altair, a child born of the Old Gods whose name has long since been forgotten, survive, or will he be cast into the Nine Hells?

“So…” Arsene continued, enjoying his child’s flush expression. “I’ve got a few things to teach you. What I’m about to give you is some peak wisdom. Think of it as my Ten Commandments: One, never trust a bitch with red hair. Trust me on this. Two, the pull-out game is not a real thing. She will get pregnant. Three—”

Shadow of the Abyss Novel
Shadow of the Abyss Novel

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