She’s The beast Novel by Yona Birdy

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She’s The beast Novel Summary.

In a world the humans Are slaves to the werewolves. Kelly is A ruthless Queen, a young lady who wears her armor all day, sleeps with her dagger under her pillow,

what she is really scared of? When Alpha Sebastian got captured by Kelly’s men, he was curious about meeting the Werewolves’ hunter, to kill her before she captures his pack.

But Now after Sebastian met her, he wants more, he wants her. Kelly the last daughter of King William, after her family died in a tragic accident,

she became a newborn werewolf who swore to take revenge on the person he destroyed her life, who turned her into a monster, the person who calls her, his mate, Alpha Felix, King of the wolves.

She's The beast Novel by Yona Birdy
She’s The beast Novel by Yona Birdy

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