SHE’S THE ONE Novel by Jossie Finnah

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SHE’S THE ONE Novel Summary.

Miya, a twenty- four-year-old lady trying to survive while searching for the man who had killed her parents when she was just six.

“Please tell your boss not to smile at me” Miya facepalmed “Why?” “How can someone be this handsome? God is being partial here.

How can He mold his son this beautiful and me”, pointing at herself “his daughter like a chicken” Maxwell used all the strength in him to swallow his laughter?

He wasn’t very knowledgeable about this girl, but he knew two things; one, she was a prostitute, calling herself daughter of God was just funny. Two, she was the beautiful one, calling herself chicken was another thing to laugh about. She was an angel, gorgeous.

He paused when he realized what he was thinking. … “I love you” Maxwell confessed “Are you crazy?! Do you know I’m a prostitute?” Miya screamed but quickly lowered her voice around the last part of her speech “You are not anymore.

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I promise I’ll pay for everyday you spend with me” Maxwell replied, causing Miya to frown at him “Even if I don’t have sex with you?” “Even if you don’t have sex with me” “How much? How much do you plan to pay me if I choose to stay with you every day”

Miya raised a brow “Any amount you want” “How rich are you?” She wondered, she didn’t know she said it out loud, but he replied anyway “Very”

SHE'S THE ONE Novel by Jossie Finnah
SHE’S THE ONE Novel by Jossie Finnah

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