Silver moon – The deal Novel by Paula Tekila

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Silver moon – The deal Novel Summary.

A deserter converts almost all humanity into creatures, alive in a world plunged into darkness, every spring a person from the village in Mojstrana – Slovenia was sacrificed and sent to Sangria.

A place where the lycanthropes settled with their cruel leader and tyrant named Alpha and surrounded by subjects and lovers.

Balance was maintained as long as the village complied with the agreement to deliver a person to him and never mix the blood of a werewolf with human blood.

Thor breaks the pact by copulating with one of Alpha’s favorite concubines, and he soon leaves his palace in search of the blood of his rival,

Eugenia is a sweet and young maiden, she decides to surrender to him in exchange for her brother’s life. Because she is brave and beautiful, Alpha accepts the deal and takes her to her castle.

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There she will fight to maintain her honor while discovering the origins of that creature and her own brother to return the light to all humanity.

Silver moon - The deal Novel by Paula Tekila
Silver moon – The deal Novel by Paula Tekila

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