Sinful Desires Novel by Aurora

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Sinful Desires Novel Summary.

In this thrilling fantasy werewolf tale, Jessica is unimpressed with Quinn, but fate has other plans when she meets the local pack leader while visiting her parents in Wisconsin.

“You’re beautiful,” Conor growled, his voice low and commanding, and Jessica felt herself trembling in response.

As Jessica begins mating with both Conor and Brigitte, she realizes her submissive desires, and sets out to find former schoolmates who might be willing to become breeders for them.

“Yes, alpha,” she whispered, her voice barely above a breath, as Conor pushed her against the wall and took her roughly from behind.

As Jessica witnesses full wolf on wolf mating for the first time, she becomes scared, but it only adds to the excitement of the story.

“It’s okay, little one,” Brigitte purred as she nuzzled Jessica’s neck. “Just let go and surrender to your instincts.” Secrets are revealed, rapists are captured, and the breeders become pregnant.

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“I’m yours to command, alpha,” one of the breeders moaned as Conor claimed her, his rough hands gripping her hips.

Quinn does everything he can to earn Jessica’s forgiveness, including putting on a steamy strip show. “Please forgive me, Jessica,” Quinn begged as he dropped to his knees,

his eyes pleading with hers. “I’ll do anything you ask of me.” This novel is filled with raw and passionate moments, and readers will be on the edge of their seats as they follow Jessica’s journey through the wild and unpredictable world of werewolves.

With twists and turns at every corner, this book is sure to keep readers hooked until the very end.

Sinful Desires Novel by Aurora
Sinful Desires Novel by Aurora

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