Skyrim: A Reincarnator’s Journey Novel

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Skyrim: A Reincarnator’s Journey Novel Summary

One would think that such a process would start with a god or perhaps some mystical creature granting some poor lesser soul a second lease at life while arming them with a grand task that would decide the fate of whatever world they ended up in.

That wasn’t the case for him.

Armed with fragmented memories, the clothes on his back, and a single spell, Athias awakens in the beautifully bloody land of Skyrim. His first opponent? Hypothermia.

He had no clue why blanks riddled his memories but he knew one thing. He didn’t ask to be reincarnated in a fantasy world rife with danger to find some quiet corner to waste away doing farm work.

Draugr, Dwemer, dragons. The Aedra and Daedra. He planned on seeing everything Tamriel had to offer or, at least die trying. Luckily, he has odd game-like windows to assist in his growth.

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Fingers crossed he wasn’t just some pawn in a god’s plan.

Skyrim: A Reincarnator's Journey Novel
Skyrim: A Reincarnator’s Journey Novel

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