Souls in Teyvat Novel

Don’t overlook this captivating novel titled Souls in Teyvat Novel.

Souls in Teyvat Novel Summary

Kenshin is a boy who doesn’t have a Gnosis.
He doesn’t have the ability to rewind time when he dies.
He doesn’t have memories of another world.
He definitely, DEFINITELY, doesn’t have a system.
To be fair, he doesn’t even have a Vision.
The person only he can hurt with a weapon is himself, and he is scared of a single hilichurl.
And yet, even he has something that makes him unique.
He can see souls.

I own nothing from this work, as there is no brain behind it.
The image is, obviously an AI generated one from wallhaven.
I still don’t know how the copyright works, so well, if the AI sends a message to me, I suppose I will have to take it down.

Souls in Teyvat Novel
Souls in Teyvat Novel

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