Spell Upon My Mates Novel by Yona Birdy

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Spell Upon My Mates by Yona Birdy.


Spell Upon My Mates Novel Summary.

Alexey was once the funniest kindest heart, she trains the teen werewolves, and takes care of the Pack’s chores as she tends to heal the wounds of her pack.

But she was cursed from the day she was born, being a hybrid, half witch and half werewolf caught the eyes of the most powerful creatures in the world.

A wizard, a Lycan, and An Angel. Alexey thought she would have a happy normal life with her human mate but everything went wrong when the king of lycans was after her powers.

The wizard is after her heart and the angel wants to eliminate her. Would she be able to fight the most powerful creatures on her own?

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Or would she accept being used for her powers? Can she find love in all this mess being a target for three powerful men?

Spell Upon My Mates Novel by Yona Birdy
Spell Upon My Mates Novel by Yona Birdy

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