Spells and Mates Novel by The Marvel

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Spells and Mates Novel Summary.

When the Golden boy rejects Hermione for the Queen Bee; her cousin, the whole realm becomes set to experience a new emergence.

“You!” I yell, pushing his shoulder. A small smile played on his lips, as he drinks in the sight of my drenched hair and dress. “Eyes here! You don’t…” His lips suddenly clasp over mine,

as his right hand comes to hold my hair gently. My eyes were out in shock. I try to push him… his tongue teasing and seeking… My whole being betrays as my eyes close in surrender… I kiss him back passionately,

caressing his soft hair… A bright light shines above us when I suddenly unlatch my shaky lips to catch my breath. The full moon. “Magnificent, huh?” He asks, taking a look at the sky. I shakily nod.

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I was very much speechless. My eyes saunter back to his swollen lips… “My Prince!” Some royal guards call, running to the pool.

Spells and Mates Novel by The Marvel
Spells and Mates Novel by The Marvel

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