Stargate: The Sov’ren Novel

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Stargate: The Sov’ren Novel Summary

The Goau’ld had many names and titles in the galaxy. Some called them demons or destroyers. The knowing few called them parasites or symbiotes. Most saw them as slavers and evil conquerors.

…But the vast majority on the other hand, praised them as their Gods, worshipping and loving them with every fibre of their beings.

They were ‘Gods’, who used their incomprehensible and everlasting magic to rule over countless planets and star systems, carving out large and expansive empires or domains in the galaxy.

They fed and relished upon the blind and ignorant worship of millions upon millions of humans and other races in the Milky Way who saw them as their creators, protectors, and their means of salvation.

In truth, they were simply a race of power hungry and egomaniac parasites who used their overwhelming and advanced technology and weapons to enslave the countless humans they’d seeded all across the galaxy, enforcing their rule through fear and terror.

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They were false gods in every sense of the word, shrouding themselves in a facade of lies, myths, legends and stories, manipulating the feeble masses to revere and idolise them. All to satisfy their massive egos.

They toyed and abused their human slaves, exploiting and using them in ways that would make anyone with a shred of morality skin crawl in disgust and revulsion.

Stargate: The Sov'ren Novel
Stargate: The Sov’ren Novel

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