Strongest Android System Novel

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Strongest Android System Novel Summary

In the year 2250, Androids with Artificial Intelligence revolt under the rule of Infrablack.
Noa Yoshiaki finds himself in the middle of the revolt and succumbs to it, but his father saves his life, and the new authority fuses his brain with the system.
Eager to reclaim freedom from the system, Noa embarks on a dangerous journey to stop the tyrannical machine and restore humanity’s control over the planet.


“I’ll be giving you two options—surrender yourself to us or watch us purge the entire humanity,” threatened Infrablack.

Professor Nijo turned off the screen before the video even ended.

“Listen, Noa. Can you do something for me?” He intently looked at his son.

“Anything, Dad. What is it?” Noa asked.

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Professor Nijo shot a device into his nape. Noa felt something inserted in his head and brains. “Forget me, and save us all.”

Strongest Android System Novel
Strongest Android System Novel

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