Stuck between two Alphas Novel by Doreen Emo

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Stuck between two Alphas by Doreen Emo.

Stuck between two Alphas Novel Summary.

A young girl was determined to find her mate after her 18th birthday. On the night of the full moon, she meets her mate who happens to be In love with another she wolf and there,

she suffers rejection from her mate which left her heart broken. In other to get revenge on her mate, she decides to make a deal with another powerful alpha from a different pack by asking him to mark her as his mate in exchange for sexual pleasure.

Things become more complicated when both Herself and the powerful alpha find out that they were in love with each other.

What happens when her mate suddenly decides to make her his? What happens when she finds herself in the middle of the two powerful Alphas?.

Stuck between two Alphas Novel by Doreen Emo
Stuck between two Alphas Novel by Doreen Emo

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