Super Necromancer System Novel

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Super Necromancer System Novel Summary

In a world full of caped superheroes, supervillains, and monsters, Aldrich is worthless. 95% of humanity has evolved to develop superpowers, but Aldrich is one of the rare few who has no powers at all.

Because of his lack of power, Aldrich suffers relentless bullying and discrimination. Society looks down on him as a burden. He is reminded every day that he is better off dead than alive.

Yet one day, at the height of his despair, after Aldrich is spat on, beaten, and broken when it seems like everything is taken from him, a familiar screen appears in front of him: a screen from his favorite fantasy role-playing game giving him the chance to wield the power he has only ever dreamed of.

Super Necromancer System Novel
Super Necromancer System Novel

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