Tame Me, My Brother-in-Law Novel by Sakura’s Diamonds

Don’t overlook this captivating novel, Tame Me, My Brother-in-Law by Sakura’s Diamonds.

Tame Me, My Brother-in-Law Novel Summary.

Celine has an identical twin sister named Brylee,

who separated from her when they were only four years old because their parents got divorced and the court awarded her mother her custody while Brylee was taken by her father,

in which he married a rich, and sophisticated woman, and soon forget about Celine and her mother, and built a new family.

One day, however, their father Julio Lauren decided to have a connection with her again, but only to offer Celine a task to sleep with Brylee’s boyfriend, Sebastian Anderson,

in return for a huge amount of money. Her father needed a clean woman to do it— a virgin one to be exact, so that Sebastian, the richest man in the country,

will finally marry his favorite daughter, Brylee. But that would only happen if Sebastian was assured that Brylee was still not touched by any man.

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Julio saw Celine as the only candidate because she wasn’t only virgin, but also looked exactly like Brylee. Celine accepted the offer without hesitation.

She needed the money for her critically ill mother. She completed the mission successfully, but they had no idea that Sebastian,

the billionaire whom she had slept with, had doubts if the woman he had sex with that night was really his girlfriend, Brylee. He decided to conduct an investigation and the things he discovered really shocked him.

Tame Me, My Brother-in-Law Novel by Sakura's Diamonds
Tame Me, My Brother-in-Law Novel by Sakura’s Diamonds

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