Taming Mr Haden Novel

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Taming Mr Haden Novel Summary

Jack is a successful and charming multi-millionaire who seems to have it all. But his life is not what it seems. Jack is the son of a powerful mafia boss, the heir to the drug conglomerate but he wanted something different. He left his family business and moved to Kenas, Capitol City to open his own company. He has been pretending to date Lily, a beautiful young woman.

Lily is unaware of Jack’s true identity, but she is drawn to him despite their fake relationship. She sees a vulnerability in him that no one else does, and finds herself falling for him.

One day, he got a phone call from Timothy, his father’s right hand man. His father is in a coma, he needs to come back home and take his place as the mafia boss.

As Jack and Lily’s relationship deepens, the lines between pretense and reality begin to blur. Jack is torn between his loyalty to his family and his love for Lily, while Lily is struggling to understand her feelings for a man she barely knows.

Meanwhile, danger is lurking around every corner as Jack’s enemies in the mafia world close in. They see Lily as a weak link and will stop at nothing to get to her. Jack must make a choice between his family and the woman he loves, and Lily must decide if she can trust a man with a dangerous secret.

In this heart-pumping romance novel, Jack and Lily’s love is put to the ultimate test in a world where danger and deception are the norm. Will their love survive, or will the secrets that bind them together tear them apart?

Taming Mr Haden Novel
Taming Mr Haden Novel

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