TAMING MR HATEFUL Novel by Authoress Ti Fe

Ensure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, TAMING MR HATEFUL by Authoress Ti Fe.


Beyonce White is a young, beautiful, and gentle girl. Known all over Downtown street for her humility and beauty. She is 20 years old.

It’s so sad that Beyonce happens to be an orphan. She grew up in the orphanage home all her life and it’s so sad that no one actually adopted her.

And she was told that her parents were killed by the people of the town because they were engaged in witchcraft.

When she was 20, she decided to leave the orphanage home to the streets. She knew she was becoming a burden to them back at the home.

Ramson Salvatore, a 26 year old working class man, known for his very handsome face and muscular built body. He was nicknamed a Greek god by the women who admired his beauty.

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He was every ladies dream, he always had them lined up at his door begging for him to f**k them. Which he did delightfully.

He was also feared for his character and association with people. He was very rude, arrogant, mean, anything you call it.

It was all in him. Trust me, he gained that pride from the excess money he gained in a day.

He loved to f**k women a lot. He never really had his heart for any lady apart from his mother who suffered domestic abuse from his stepfather. His mother was known as his weakness.

But who can get to his mother? No one! He had her guarded 24/7.

Ramson met with our gentle Beyonce on the streets where she was still in search of a job.

Their meeting wasn’t a pleasant one and that got Mr Hatefully really pissed. And he decided to avenge our poor Beyonce’s mistake by taking her to his house.

TAMING MR HATEFUL Novel by Authoress Ti Fe
TAMING MR HATEFUL Novel by Authoress Ti Fe

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