Taming Queen Mafia Novel by Baby_Nûella

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Taming Queen Mafia Novel Summary.

Warning!!!! 18+

HOW do you feel when you are asked to kill the only man you have come to this wicked world to love?????

Notoriously known all over the mafia world as Queen Mafia, for she was mafia herself. Orphaned, abandoned, broken, used, picked up from the streets by Lord Lucario,

boss of The Mambas Organisation, who took care of her and nurtured her. She doesn’t know what love is,

she doesn’t know how love feels for she never experienced one when she was little. She became untamable; impossible to tame, impossible to love and be loved.

But then, all changed when she crossed paths with the multi billionaire, the domineering CEO of Petersons Kiddies World. As fate had it,

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she found herself falling head over heels for him. But what happens when she is given a mission to pull the trigger and eliminate..

none other but the only man she had come to love? Is either she does this and gains her freedom or she dies. Would she be able??? Read on for this intriguing story of Queen Mafia.

Taming Queen Mafia Novel by Baby_Nûella
Taming Queen Mafia Novel by Baby_Nûella

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