Taming The Paranoid Alpha Novel by Israel Larsgaard

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Taming The Paranoid Alpha Novel Summary.

Killian, the future Alpha of my pack was the werewolf I feared the most. He made my life a living hell. As a maid, I tried my best to serve him and his family.

But he never stopped bullying me. My life took a turn for the worse when Killian forced himself on me on the night the heir was announced.

He took my virginity in the cruelest manner! The evil werewolf wasn’t even remorseful. Instead of making me his mate, he banished me from the pack.

I had to flee with his seed in my belly. On many occasions, I almost lost my life in the wilderness. It took a long time before I finally settled down in a city far away.

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I put my life back on track and prayed that I’d never see that beast again. Unfortunately, Killian showed up five years later and began to pester me. “You belong to me.

I won’t have you raise my child with another man!” he said with audacity. It was as if I was reliving my years of torture. I hated him with every fiber of my being.

Baring my teeth, I roared, “Are you crazy? I’m not yours. Leave me alone!” Killian lost his cool. He pushed me to the wall. His eyes burned scarlet as he said in a low voice, “Yes, I’m crazy.

You are the only one that can make me sane again.” I couldn’t believe my ears. As I was trying to process what I just heard, Killian stunned me again.

“I’m sorry for everything I did to you. Please forgive me and don’t turn away from me. I can’t live without you.” What the hell happened to him? Was he being sincere? Should I accept him for the sake of our child?

Taming The Paranoid Alpha Novel by Israel Larsgaard
Taming The Paranoid Alpha Novel by Israel Larsgaard

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