Tasting All My Mates Novel by novelflix

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Tasting All My Mates Novel Summary.

(COMPLETED) “I can’t do it wi—th you all,” I stuttered when Maynard touched my naked pussy while Lazlo spread my legs for Thiago, who was standing between my legs now.

“Why not? we are all your mates, it’s your obligation to please us all,” Maynard whispered in my ear, pressing my boob and letting Lazlo play with my other boob.

Thiago made a first thrust with so much pressure that my body stuttered, “Ah—,” my scream subsided when Lazlo locked his lips against mine.

Thiago left his dick inside me and ran his hand up and down my body, sort of letting the others to pull away a little.

Having one Alpha King mate had made me go through so much and now I had three Alpha Mates and all of them wanted to fuck me at the same time.

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Being a lowly Omega is never an easy task. All Enya ever wanted was to live a peaceful life with her mate. She never expected to be rejected and cursed by her mate to never find another.

But like they say, life is always filled with surprises. When the Moon Goddess plays a twist of fate, Enya finds herself in a room full of mates, all Alphas and sexy, all wanting to be pleased.

Tasting All My Mates Novel by novelflix
Tasting All My Mates Novel by novelflix

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