Tears Of Agony Novel by Cosmas Rotich

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Tears Of Agony by Cosmas Rotich.

Tears Of Agony Novel Summary.

Young and beautiful Becky marries the love of her life; an army officer. She soon settles in her matrimonial home and all is rosy.

A modern girl, that she is leads a sophisticated lifestyle and her code of dress sharply contrast that of the women like her in the village.

This life style thrust her into a conflict with her husband’s conservative uncle who does not approve of her dress code and ends distasting everything about her.

He immediately begins pestering her with lecture after lecture demanding the she rid herself of most of her clothes and conform to the ways of the clan.

Becky finds his concern an unnecessary bother and tells him off to mind his own business. The uncle, who doubles up as a clan elder used to being revered by all and sundry is infuriated by this open display of arrogance.

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He swears to teach her a lesson and make a hell of her life. Will he succeed?

Tears Of Agony Novel by Cosmas Rotich
Tears Of Agony Novel by Cosmas Rotich

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