The 7th Voyage To Heaven Novel by FX777

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The 7th Voyage To Heaven Novel Summary.

In the human world, Jordan Kian Montero survived the rigors of finding love. He explores the greatest insatiable desires of his soul through the Men in Uniform.

Secretly, his desires widen to give space for his satisfaction. He was among the supernatural world who explored the true meaning of love and desires.

Jade Louise Gomez wanted love; Jeffrey Rivero wanted life – in human form at Werewolf and Vampire World. Secret Billionaire Jordan Kian Montero loved Jade Louise Gomez without a doubt, but she left him without a word.

The pain turned into exploring another world that gave him the freedom to use its power and desires. jade Louise Gomez was born with the aid of a new medical process that brought her to discover the world of her werewolf lover, Jeffrey.

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Their lives are entwined deep down in their souls which keeps them discovering the sweetest desires of their hearts.

Will they reach their dreams to the fullest when their dark secrets are being manipulated by their lust and desires?

The 7th Voyage To Heaven Novel by FX777
The 7th Voyage To Heaven Novel by FX777

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