The Alpha Hidden Mate Novel by Mmesoma

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The Alpha Hidden Mate Novel Summary.

Ariel ‘s parents died in a car accident when she was 10 years old. She and her sister Esther lived with each other all these years. But they were often bullied by their pack members.

Their peels said Ariel and her sister were jinxes and caused their parents’ death. When someone bullied them, Ariel would block all attacks for her sister.

Esther quit school early to work for Ariel , and she found her mate at the age of 24. After Esther and her mate Cole Gray got married, Ariel lived in Cole ’s home with Esther.

With the help of Esther, Ariel was able to finish college, so Ariel was grateful to her. But because of her existence, Esther often quarreled with Cole .

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Ariel sometimes had been sexually harassed when Esther was not at home. She dared not to tell Esther and didn’t want Esther sad.

She always hoped that Esther could live a happy life, so she wanted to leave. But according to new werewolf laws, before she found a mate, she couldn’t leave Esther and her pack,

otherwise she would be disconnected from the pack and become a rogue. She would also affect Esther, because the rogue’s family and pack would be spurned, so Ariel had to find someone to mark her and be her mate,

even if the one was not her true mate. Then she could leave Esther and Cole ’s home. But Cole was going to send her to the Alpha King, so Ariel couldn’t wait for her mate.

Ariel was afraid of Alpha King, she heard some rumors about Alpha King, he was mysterious and cruel, even killed his own mate Ariel moves in with Xavier who is actually the Alpha king in pretense as she gets intertwined in the Royal life of the Alpha king.

The Alpha Hidden Mate Novel by Mmesoma
The Alpha Hidden Mate Novel by Mmesoma

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