The Alpha King’s Third Wife Novel by Baby Charlene

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The Alpha King’s Third Wife Novel Summary.

Lord Xander was the ruler of the popular Xander community. He was fierce, cold evil and heartless – so many people believed.

He was one of the most skillful in sword fights and Xander could fight a hundred men alone and come out victorious – that was just how powerful he was.

If Xander wasn’t in a battle field, he was in the training ground.

If Xander wasn’t killing someone, he was definitely watching a person get punished. That was his daily routine. That was the only pleasure he enjoyed.

People feared and respected him so much. They worshipped the ground he stepped on. Even when he was wrong, nobody dared to correct him or say a word to him.

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Though, he wasn’t a King but just a Master of a community, people felt he was more powerful than 10 Kings put together.

He’s been married to two ladies previously, but they all ended up dead – due to Unknown reasons.

The community needed an heir and so, Xander had to get married to another wife – a third wife.

And unfortunately, it turned out to be a stubborn princess who swore to do everything in her power to make sure he divorces her.

The Alpha King's Third Wife Novel by Baby Charlene
The Alpha King’s Third Wife Novel by Baby Charlene

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