The Alpha’s Hidden Baby Novel by Kelvin Iwuchukwu

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The Alpha’s Hidden Baby Novel Summary.

Crystal; a seventeen years old girl, kind, intelligent and brave. As a waitress in a restaurant, she had been living a casual life with her stepparents and she didn’t have any problems,

at least not until she met Logan The Alpha werewolf always made her body react strangely with his presence.

She was curious to figure out why that happens so she stalked Logan Logan became disgusted with her thinking she was only doing it to become his Luna, he despised her for that.

On a full moon night, they bump into each other and end up having a one-night-stand. This led to the birth of Aidan However, Logan didn’t know about the child, he left the country after the regretful one night stand.

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He returns after 3years and bumps into Crystal. he intends to punish her and the first step to achieving that goal was making her work for him.

Crystal was worried that Logan would harm her child, so she hid him away Their love-journey wasn’t an easy one, not when they’ve a vampire as a rival.

Crystal possessed a special power and he wanted it. An Alpha’s daughter who intends to separate them so she can become Luna.

The Alpha's Hidden Baby Novel by Kelvin Iwuchukwu
The Alpha’s Hidden Baby Novel by Kelvin Iwuchukwu

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