The Alpha’s King Property Novel by Lone Wolf

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The Alpha’s King Property Novel Summary.

The Alpha’s King Property At the age of eighteen all your childhood wish would already been granted by the moon goddess.

But it is quite different for Olivia Dakota because she isn’t yet complete as a werewolf. Olivia Dakota was the daughter of the most wicked and ruthless Alpha king who can do anything just for higher rank.

Olivia wish was to shift and get mated like any other wolf before she turns Eighteen. But it seems being mated and becoming a full Werewolf isn’t part of her destiny or should we say the moon goddess deprived her of it.

Olivia has wished and dreamt for the day she is going to shift and get mated but it seems its just a dream and it isn’t coming to reality.

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Olivia father hated her immediately she turns Eighteen because she couldn’t shift and get mated. olivia father who is called Alpha Lane by his followers Waited for a month more but

still yet Olivia haven’t shifted so he sold her off for selfish interest and for higher rank to the most feared Alpha Khalid.

Immediately Olivia got sold to The most ruthless and dreaded Alpha. Olivia became THE ALPHA’S KING PROPERTY.

The Alpha’s King Property Novel by Lone Wolf
The Alpha’s King Property Novel by Lone Wolf

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