The Alpha’s Mate: Secret Baby Novel by Excelheight

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The Alpha’s Mate: Secret Baby Novel Summary.

“I am going to take Annabell Williams as my mate and Luna of this pack.” His words punched staright to my heart making it break into pieces.

How can he do that to me? He promised forever since we were kids and promised to love me and protect me everything but how can he hurt me himself?

“Maximus! I need to talk to you alone!” It’s the last straw when his next words came out of his mouth when I asked him to talk to me.

“You don’t have an wolf Brooke and I don’t want a weak person as my mate and Luna. Annabell is the one who can give me everything.”

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He should have killed me by wringing my neck but he chose his cold words and eyes to kill me. I was kicked out from the pack on the same day of my eighteenth birthday where i lost Maximus and found out that iam pregnant with Maximus’s baby but lost her too when she was just two years old.

Moon goddess is the main villian in my story sending Maximus and Annabell’s kid to me and slapping me without touching me by showing off their happy family.

I changed myself into a cold and calculated investigator who chases high risk cases and bust out the trafficking and drugs rings. I don’t care about my life anymore.

Maximus want his Brooke back so he send his corbon copy to bring Brooke back to the pack. Will Maximus and the kid succeed in bringing Brooke back to the pack?

Or will the new determined and stubborn Brooke refused to melt and forgive Maximus. Note: cover credit go to its rightful owner.

The Alpha's Mate: Secret Baby Novel by Excelheight
The Alpha’s Mate: Secret Baby Novel by Excelheight

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