The Alpha’s Princess Novel by ANNA

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The Alpha’s Princess Novel Summary.

He had a crush on a girl, she was so gorgeous and she had everything a woman should have but he never expected her to be his mate.

He didn’t want a weak Luna and especially he didn’t want anything to happen to the girl he liked , he wanted a strong Luna who can handle his pack even without him.

“I, Damen Phoenix reject Asteria Griffin as my mate” he looked into the gorgeous blue eyes of her and said heartlessly.

Her blue eyes turned moist with hurt and disbelief. He rejected her but never knew that their mate bond was something special.

In their past three lives they couldn’t be together so they promised to be with each other in their next life and this life was their last chance.

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The truth was she was a long lost princess, not only Damen was attracted to her but also a vampire.

Will Damen get his last chance to be with her or give her to the unknown vampire who loves her unconditionally?

The Alpha's Princess Novel by ANNA
The Alpha’s Princess Novel by ANNA

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