The Badass & The Beta Novel by Addison Winters

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The Badass & The Beta Novel Summary.

He is such a man whore.”Well, what do you expect with the kind of guys?” They are called man whore for a reason. So, envoy, my wolf, said inside my mind with a growl.

She is not happy with what he has been doing with the other girls. Of course, he doesn’t care. So, screw him and his sexy devilish melt your panties smile.

I don’t need him but I am curious…So, I wonder if he knew it was me, he was kissing and touching me last month at Emilia’s birthday party where I was hiding away from the loud music and noise.

But instead, I ran into him.And…We had sex! We had sex! We had sex!How could anybody fall in love with a man that treats a woman like a sex object to screw and throw away! So,

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I left before he could see the girl he hates and loves to torture. So, after having sex with Jayson Woods. I sneaked out the door. So, he had no idea it was me in the bed kissing and holding me in his strong arms.

I will cherish that for the rest of my life.I am nothing like the other girls when he calls up to scratch his itch. What if the man whore wants to play?What if I am more than that?What if I am his mate!

The Badass & The Beta Novel by Addison Winters
The Badass & The Beta Novel by Addison Winters

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