The Biker’s Rules Novel by Zea Drew

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The Biker’s Rules Novel Summary.

A San Francisco boy. Double world champion. Famous bad boy. Adrenaline junky. And my brother’s best friend.

He seeks to control his guilt. I like the feeling of chaos inside. He hurt me. I hate him … but love and hate sometimes are indistinguishable.

Damion Grimm lives by the rules. HIS rules. Rules he never ever breaks. Fast bikes, fast brunets, fast life. That’s how he copes. He doesn’t do relationships. Especially not with his best friend’s little BLONDE virgin sister.

I’m not his type. But when my family’s past comes back to haunt me, I learn that things are not always as they appear. Sometimes monsters like to hide.

Sometimes bad boys can have wings. Sometimes hate can be love. Sometimes control can be lost. Sometimes sex can create miracle beans.

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But most importantly – I’ve learned that you can always make new rules.

The Biker's Rules Novel by Zea Drew
The Biker’s Rules Novel by Zea Drew

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