The Billionaire Fake Bride Novel by Pop Corn

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, The Billionaire Fake Bride by Pop Corn.

The Billionaire Fake Bride Novel Summary.

Weak Bella had everything stolen from her by her step sister, her rights, her father and even her future. Also because she was the illegitimate daughter of the Gaylord Enterprise.

After having a one night stand with some stranger, her father threw her out of the house. Bella unknowingly got a job in the stranger’s company and he started falling for her.

Finally, when the truth uncovered, Bella’s life was between life and death when it’s time for both of them to be together. Read to find out what happens when Calvin realize that was married to the Fake Bella…. Her hidden twin sister.

The Billionaire Fake Bride Novel by Pop Corn
The Billionaire Fake Bride Novel by Pop Corn

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