The Billionaire Meets the Fierce Lawyer Novel by Yhen Amor

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, The Billionaire Meets the Fierce Lawyer by Yhen Amor.

The Billionaire Meets the Fierce Lawyer Novel Summary.

Betrayal could either make someone vulnerable or impenetrable. When a billionaire businessman met an impenetrable,

fierce lawyer; he swore he will never back down until that time that he will catch her unguarded and open herself to him. Would he finally succeed and would there be a happy ending between them?

Would tragedy and mystery make them closer or would totally break them apart? “Ouch!” Yhera almost bumped her head on Montero’s steering wheel.

She automatically stopped her car and glanced at her car’s side view mirror. She saw a dashing red jaguar car.

She opened her car and walked near the red jaguar car, with anger plastered on her face. The door at the driver’s side slowly opened and an almost six feet tall man came out, with a smirk on his face.

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Yhera with hands on her hips, spoke with a sparkle of irritation in her tone, “Mister didn’t you see my big Montero in front of your one hell of a kind red jaguar?”

Amazed by such a question, the man’s eyes have been fixed on Yhera’s face. Like he was studying the raised eyebrow of Yhera, her heart-shaped face,

nose bridge, and small supple red lips; all without any traces of make-up except for a thin face powder. “What a sweet angel in her outbursts of anger,”

the man whispered, eyes now raking at Yhera’s slender figure, covered with a white sleeveless lacy blouse and tight-fitting maong jeans.

His eyes traveled at Yhera’s perfectly shaped arms, hips, and toes in a stiletto. Her fair, perfect skin with thin cat hairs, top it most.

“Finished doing your physical survey, Mister?” Yhera with irritation asked the man. “Uhuh, yes! I am Seigfred by the way.” He extended his right hand to Yhera with a confident smile.

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Yhera looked at Seigfred’s extended hand then slowly fixed her eyes on the man’s dark brown, a bit chinky and mysterious eyes, a well-sculptured nose and lips, and a ruggedly, handsome face.

Yhera’s heart skipped beating. “Well, Ma’am did I pass your physical survey?” The tone of Seigfred Yee seemed so amused. Yhera’s sweet face turned red-like cherry.

The Billionaire Meets the Fierce Lawyer Novel by Yhen Amor
The Billionaire Meets the Fierce Lawyer Novel by Yhen Amor

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