The Billionaire’s Backup Novel by Elizabeth Maddrey

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The Billionaire’s Backup Novel Summary.

Jenna and I have been friends since college.

Not besties or anything. Just the kind of friend you hit up when you want to go to a party but don’t want the pressure of a date.

She’s fun. Independent. And she gets me.

Which is probably why we dated for a while – more for fun than anything..

The kiss was completely out of left field. And so was the ridiculous pact to get married if we were still single in our thirties.

Neither of us have ever mentioned that pact again.

But man, a lot of years have passed and I can sometimes still feel her lips on mine. Now that she’s going to be renovating my house, it could definitely be a problem.

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The whole pact thing might have been dumb, but would it really be such a bad idea for us to get together?

The Billionaire's Backup Novel by Elizabeth Maddrey
The Billionaire’s Backup Novel by Elizabeth Maddrey

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