The Billionaire’s Fragile Bride Novel by Oluwafunmito Star

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The Billionaire’s Fragile Bride Novel Summary.

He hates her so much but she feels so safe with him… Orla Sullivan is the seventh and last daughter of Arnold Sullivan.

She is a young girl who is loathed and rejected by every member of her family. Though a Sullivan, Orla lived a solitary life until she met Callan Barlowe at an uninvited dinner in her home.

Callan Barlowe is a ruthless billionaire, a man whose aura exudes dominance and agitation. He believes in working hard to make money and when he needs to relax;

sleeping with high-class hoes is not an option, but a must-do for him. Marriage is not included in the list of things he has to do in life, but his mother wants him to get married at all costs.

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Callan’s and Orla’s worlds collided and now, Orla’s life is about to completely veer around from worse to something more inimical because she’s about to get married to Callan Barlowe; the ruthless billionaire boss who doesn’t give a shit about anyone.

The Billionaire’s Fragile Bride Novel by Oluwafunmito Star
The Billionaire’s Fragile Bride Novel by Oluwafunmito Star

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