The Billionaire’s Hidden Wife Novel by MyPumpkin

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The Billionaire’s Hidden Wife Novel Summary.

With all her heart, Rachel devised a bold plan during a drunken night to deliver herself to Declan, her best friend’s brother.

Harbored feelings for him for a long time; she believed that getting pregnant by him would make him hers. But her plan took an unexpected turn.

Instead of Declan, she mistakenly gave herself to someone else. Devastated, she went home without her carefully guarded femininity, and she encountered a shocking incident upon arriving at their house.

She lost her family and got impregnated by a man she didn’t know. Left without her family’s support and carrying the child of a stranger, Rachel faced a daunting challenge.

How would she find the strength to persevere without anyone to lean on? And what would Rachel do when she discovered that the father of her baby was already engaged and about to get married?

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How could she reveal the truth to him? Would this unforeseen twist of fate bring about redemption or deepen the heartache for everyone involved?

“C-Christopher, I’m in pain!” I shouted at him, but he continued to drag me until we reached the living room. He leaned me against the wall. “Ah!” I winced in pain.

“I never thought I would hurt a woman, but this is all I can do.” My heart raced with fear as he looked at me from head to toe. My eyes widened as he suddenly choked me.

“C-Chris—to…” I could barely utter his name due to the intensity of his grip on me. Tears welled up in my eyes as I looked at him, hoping he would have mercy on me.

I could only close my eyes. But I opened them wide when I felt his lips forcefully press against mine. It was a punishing kiss. He bit my lower lip, and I tasted the rustiness on my own lips.

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I wanted to beg him to stop, but I couldn’t. He didn’t want me to speak. He didn’t let go of my lips. His lips pressed harder against mine. I flinched when I felt his hand forcefully squeezing my breast.

“How did I get you pregnant? Is it like this? Did I do this? Help me remember how I got you pregnant!” He angrily demanded as he released my lips.

His eyes were burning with intensity. But it lasted only a moment before he kissed my lips again, simultaneously squeezing my left breast.

The Billionaire's Hidden Wife Novel by MyPumpkin
The Billionaire’s Hidden Wife Novel by MyPumpkin

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