The Billionaire’s One-Night Stand! Novel by YayYay

Make sure you don’t miss out this interesting novel, The Billionaire’s One-Night Stand! by YayYay.

The Billionaire’s One-Night Stand! Novel Summary.

“There’s no love between us.” Flora Smith said voice determined.

Matthew Charles narrowed his eyes and then answered her: “You’re right. There’s no love between us.

We’re legally husband and wife.” These four words, “legal husband and wife,” how could he say it out of his mouth so easily? She frowned at him and saw a mischievous smile on his handsome face.

He said: “Even children have it, and there is only one marriage certificate between us and a legal husband and wife. This paper you can take it whenever you decide.

I follow you.” So many years have passed, from a fatal mistake to a one-night stand. Flora Smith is a single mother raising children alone until she grows up.

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Her child clings to Matthew Charles for half an inch and does not leave! It is true that in giving birth to a child, only the father is number one!.

The Billionaire's One-Night Stand! Novel by YayYay
The Billionaire’s One-Night Stand! Novel by YayYay

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