The Billionaire’s Prodigy Novel by T Wrytes

Don’t miss this amazing novel titled, The Billionaire’s Prodigy by T Wrytes.

The Billionaire’s Prodigy Novel Summary.

Elena Reid expected her one night stand to remain what it is; A one night stand but she suddenly sees the demi god of a human barging into her office with a ridiculous request.

Unfortunately for Elena, her brain seemed to shut down whenever the hot and sexy billionaire was in the same room as her.

Striking up a deal that landed her working with him every single day was the stupidest thing she ever did when she finds out he’s engaged.

And also the best. Sparks fly between them and they find themselves hard to avoid each other.

But is it enough to overcome the obstacles they might have to face together and the demons of their own that they’d have to fight off, alone? Would they find their back to each other ?.

The Billionaire's Prodigy Novel by T Wrytes
The Billionaire’s Prodigy Novel by T Wrytes

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