The Billionaire’s Runaway Bride! Novel by Violetbrim

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, The Billionaire’s Runaway Bride! by Violetbrim.

The Billionaire’s Runaway Bride! Summary.

Nadia O’Hara is a woman considered to have the perfect life, a loving and successful fiancee, a famous career, and a perfect fairytale wedding.

Well, not until she flees from her own wedding, leaving her fiancee at the altar. In reality it was all a facade, her so called loving fiancee is actually a scum who only wants to marry her to boost his Fame and is actually having an affair with her best friend.

When she catches him in the act, he threatens Nadia not to reveal it to the public or else he would destroy her career and ruin her name. Left with no choice she almost accepts the nightmarish life until the moment she sets her eyes on him.

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Evan Wilson is a wealthy successful CEO of the Wilson group owning a successful chain of hotels, he is considered cold, emotionless and detached, from most people. He who had never cared about any woman’s emotions finds himself drawn to the stunning bride,

and the moment he sets his eyes on her, a strange emotion surfaces inside him. Driven by the irresistible desire for one another they share a one night together that holds no promises and no commitments,

but what happens when they can’t forget one another after that? What will Evan Wilson do when he’s unable to forget her? And what happens when that one night between them bears fruit? Lh

The Billionaire's Runaway Bride! Novel by Violetbrim
The Billionaire’s Runaway Bride! Novel by Violetbrim

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