The Billionaire’s Sex Slave Novel by PenPain

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, The Billionaire’s Sex Slave by PenPain.

The Billionaire’s Sex Slave Novel Summary.

Warning; Mature scenes!!! “Just be my sex slave and you will never experience the suffering you felt before,” the man said, who was kind to me after I lost my family.

They died of the massacre that took place three years ago. A company wants to reconstruct or remodel our place. Many disagreed and revolted which caused the massacre.

The issue was not discussed, no one was angry. Until now, the perpetrator of the incident has not been named. I want to retaliate for what happened to my family but I don’t have the power.

Soon, I just chose to move on from what happened, until I met Andrius Easton. A billionaire who just suddenly appeared into my life.

I didn’t know where his offer would take me or what are the payments but I chose to respond: “Deal.”

The Billionaire's Sex Slave Novel by PenPain
The Billionaire’s Sex Slave Novel by PenPain

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